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No Age Limit When Chasing Dreams



I am 24 years old now,

I am the youngest out of 8 (eight) sibling’s. My mother had passed away at the age of 14 and it’s almost 10 years now since she died.

8 years later after finishing secondary studies (High School), I wanted  go to college and wanted to took computer studies but sad to say my family can not afford college tuition fees.  One of my auntie suggested for taking one year vocational course which is (Practical Electricity) during that time i am lack of self –confidence to pursue.

Now i am working full time as an IT Support and have some part time jobs occasionally.

Yesterday May 29, 2013, I am filing leave from work for renewing my motorcycle regisration after attending Smoke testing and processing some documents for my Motorcycle. The day was so very warm so I never hesitate to go home quickly and take some rest, after having a hour of rest I am writing down my Daily Expenses, Semi-Monthly Income, Bills and Etc. after that, I take down notes of  my dreams, wants, needs after hours of thinking, I almost forgot that I am also dreaming of going to college and study 4 years degree course (It’s better to take note of all your plans and have a long term goal).  After writing all of them,  Study of  4 year degree course took my attention and after that I dressed very quick and headed to nearest College School and inquired tuition fee and offered courses, I visited 4 school  and I found one school that will suit with my schedule and If I enroll to their school I can avail 5% discount.

After gathering school information I visited my special friend and informed her with my plans, but I am not comfortable talking with my plans if her families around, after the short talk and take our dinner in their house, I headed back home and visit some of my friends and  informed them with my plans then headed back home.

Today May 30, 2014 around 4:30pm I went to my superior and inform him with my plan that I will be  enrolling 4year degree course in the month of June  2014 or September and he told me that we will discuss and talked again on Monday  June 2, 2014 then he also added to ask more details with the schedules.

I am now thinking to start with this dream, whatever happens whether they like it or not. I will take this opportunity even if will lose my job; I know there are a lot of job opportunity out there to help me support financially.

I informed my father with my plans and my father was very happy for my plans and told me that he cannot assure to gave some support anything financially but he will be there for me.

Driver’s License Renewal SM City Cebu 2013

Today, April 22, 2013

I renewed my expired driver’s licensed today in SM City Cebu

I arrived in the mall around 10am in the morning since i have no idea yet if where the LTO Driver’s License Renewal Center exactly located so i did ask a help from guard on duty until i reached the Renewal Center around 10:30am.
Since it’s my first time renewing my driver’s license so i don’t hesitate to ask a help from a guard on his desk, who were assign in HLO Drug Testing Center and he said in order to renew your driver’s license as Driver’s License Renewal requirements  (Drug Test and Medical) so he told me to fall in line for drug testing and medical exam.

There are 4 steps in taking drug test and medical exam and the Step 1 is you’ll need to pay Pphp450.00 (Drug Test : Php300 and Medical: Php150) In order to pay in the cashier you’ll need to fall in line in my part it takes 1 hour standing. Since there were many of them who were in lined before me. after paying right amount to the cashier she will give you an Drug test and medical form an attached is your priority number.

binayabas blog

I’m on number 61 (not bad) then you will need to filled the form with your information and submit the form  next to cashier  The in charge will take your driver’s license and she will ask you to wait until it your priority number will be placed on their system.

Step 2 once your priority number display in their electronic Monitor you will be proceeding for Drug Testing (you’ll need to pee on them :P).
Step 3 you will be proceeding to biometric and placed your thumbs mark thrice
Step 4 you will be proceeding for Eye Testing once it complete the doctor will tell you to proceed in LTO for Driver’s License Renewal.

Once you get there, you must proceed to window 4 to get an a form and you will fill the information based of your Driver’s Licensed Information then you will submit the form back to window 4.

Here’s list of some photos that i took using my x3 Nokia

Got a poor wifi connection this time , photos will be uploaded slowly!!

Binayabas Blog

While waiting for my turned!

LTO Window description
Window 1 for Evaluation
Window 2 for PICTURE TAKING 😀  and your Signature
Window 3 Once your name called in charge will asked you an amount to pay (in my part i only pay Php497.00 since it’s late renewed)
Window 3/4 Releasing of renewed Driver’s Licensed.

With my experienced in only takes almost 3hours 🙂

Additional Information

HLO Drug Testing

10am -2pm Peak Hours

2:30pm onwards – Non Peak Hours

LTO Requirements

Drug Test and Medical Result

Old / Expired Drivers Licensed and your presence

PS : I took a few photos using my mobile phone , photos will be uploaded later

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