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Happy 23rd Year’s of Living

I am supposed to post this article Last March 09 this year due of the busy schedule i have no time for writing.

The day that my mother who gives birth to me and it is 23rd year of living!

March 9, 2013 Saturday i supposed not to work for my day, since it still a working day and a lot of pending work need to be done. I have no choice but to report and commit job according to my schedule.

I come to the office early even i only sleep for 3hours.
After reaching in the office seems it just a normal day of living i don’t feel any excitement every time i check my pending sheet. I am supposed not to work but i have no choice work is work.

I treat some of my close co-worker for a piece of “Cornetto”.
I leave in the office around 6pm and invite my 2 boss in I.T Department for a dinner.
We eat our dinner @Larangan near Hoops Dome Lapu-lapu City after the dinner we separated each other headed my way to home.

I reached our home around 8:30 in the evening, while having some rest i did check my emails and social networking accounts and then chatting to my couple friends so we decided to have a few shots of beer in Mood Night Restobar located in Pitogo Consolacion, cebu after the chat so i ask another friend to accompany me then we headed first in Mood Night Restobar.
I parked my Honda C-70 Motorcycle and take a sits for us while waiting for our couple friends we make our first order for a 1 Tower of Beer then after a few shots they guys arrived and took some photos (i  have no photos yet but once they uploaded it i update this post).

After an hour we just invite some of our friends to join us since i forgot to invite them since it is an unexpected!
After a 3 Tower of beers we decided to way back home since it is almost 2am at dawn!

We really hungry after so we both decided to eat hot noodles located in our place,

Even though i am busy during the day i am still able to celebrate with my @Way Dugs Friends @night!!

I would like to thanks to all my friends, office mate and special someone who greeted me through mobile phone & social networking.


Facing Challenging Postion

It’s been a month since my last post.

There were a lot of things that I love to share and the experience, opportunity that god given me

I’ve been busy when 2013 is started to count.



Last December 2012 I received a text message from a friend that it says they are in need of one I.T personnel who can be in charge working technical and support the offices staff and their sister’s company.

He ask me to apply for the said position for a project based since he and his team mate was assign working on a program so both them should not be disturbed while coding/ making a program.

After our conversation I send my updated resume then went to their company for a brief first interview for their System Head Administrator.

While heading to their company I feel uncomfortable and i flustered but I’m excited. their were a lot of things that came out from my mind “ I am capable for being one?  80% of my skills technically I am confident that I am capable and can commit to job”

After reaching their company i approach the guard and said I’ll be having an interview with their I.T personnel so they give me a gate pass I.D after that they ask me to go to lobby and wait, it’s about 15minutes of waiting then after that the System Admin came and ask to sit down.

That guy ask me about my ,work experience, my career status and many more, after the short interview

I really feel comfortable talking with my experience and I really feel confident that I can do the job.

Before he ended our conversation he told me to expect for another interview from the HR in charge

 Few days later, I received a text messages from their Human Resources Department and it says that Ill be having another interview after all is done. The HR in charge give me the list of requirement that needed to be submitted.

After submitting all the documents that needed the Human Resource told me that I should report to the company start January 3, 2013.

So after that I was really excited having this opportunity, I am expecting to face a lot of works and task to be catered but I am one of the guy who really think positive .


And now It’s almost 2 months since the day I started working.

I’ve been busy for all days and went home so really tired. But I am still thinking positive that this experience and opportunity would be an asset of new experience and knowledge.




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